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Manga Usotsuki na Tsugai

Liar Mate, Usotsuki na Tsugai - Sono Nioi, Naka Made Shimikomasete, 嘘つきな番~その匂い、ナカまで染み込ませて, 거짓 부부 -그 냄새, 안까지 배어들게 해줘-

Synopsis Usotsuki na Tsugai

“I will hold you until my smell permeates you.”Akari, an Omega whose heat period wouldn’t come – even after becoming an adult – is despised by his family and called “useless.” However, one day, an Alpha appeared who wanted to be paired to someone like him. This man, Shinji, who forced Akari into a heat-like state with medicine, wants to fill up his desires inside many times. “No… something’s… coming…!” Akari’s body, which should have been immature, is awakened indecently by Shinji.
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