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Manga The Messenger

The Senior Disciple, Посланник, 大师兄, 대사형

Synopsis The Messenger

“Master, I’m not fit for being the Senior Disciple!” The second disciple of the Jang Baek Sword School, Go Geum Ho, who is worthless by nature and has no merit, with the sudden death of the first disciple that everyone respected, takes over the position of the senior disciple he didn’t want. After a while, Master Go Eun Haeng was murdered by someone, Even the school is in danger of being taken away!!! Master said he didn’t know the whereabouts of the ‘Cheon Bi-rok’ and the descendant of the hawk!’ “The descendants of the hawk and ‘Cheon Bi-rok’!? What the hell is that!!??” To reveal the truth of the death of the first disciple and to restore the sect, The swordsmen and the six priests have chosen Go Geum Ho! And the spirit of heaven and earth that slowly confines them! [The entangled martial arts drama of the Punghon swordmaster and the worst kangho’s dirty water!]
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