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Manga Shuffle

Shuffle (KIM YouBi) / シャッフル〜俺の切り札はお前のもの〜 / 换位关系 / 洗牌 / 셔플

Synopsis Shuffle

Read Shuffle manhwa – Shuffle Yaoi – Shuffle manga update free at Muctau.Com Unbeknownst to his classmates, Shin Eunchae was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He eats only the finest foods, travels in the most extravagant fashion, and has access to things beyond his classmates’ wildest imagination. Kang Juwon, on the other hand, is a poor, aspiring actor with the determination to make it big. When Juwon saves Eunchae from dangerous situation with a sunbae, the two grow especially close. There’s only one problem- Juwon hates Chaebols! Eunchae’s elite background must remain a secret, but things get complicated when Eunchae wants to help Juwon achieve his dream to become an actor. How will Eunchae navigate this new, uncharted territory…?
AuthorKim yubi
ArtistKim yubi
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