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Manga Rivalry 1

Rival, 상극, Mismatched

Synopsis Rivalry 1

Read Rivalry 1 manhwa – Rivalry 1 manga – Rivalry 1 webtoon free at Bibimanga Rival, 상극, Mismatched Can you fall in love with someone who’s not even your type? On top of that, what if the person you just fell in love at first sight with is the kind of person that you despise the most? “Hyung, want to sleep with me? You already like me anyway.” Was he always this kind of guy? Flustered by his offer despite finding it rude, Euntak eventually accepts the offer. But Euntak, in preparation for the night he’s about to spend with his long-time-crush Dojae, has an additional problem. “Will Dojae let me be the top?” Will Euntak, who’s always been a top, be able to continue seeing Dojae, who he has nothing in common with?
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