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Manga Reunion (Lee Coin)

해후 (이코인)

Synopsis Reunion (Lee Coin)

Read Reunion (Lee Coin) manhwa update free at Muctau.Com A long time ago, a man came to Hakyung, who was struggling to pay his mother’s hospital bill. The man, who introduced himself as the vice president of TaeWon Group, said he was looking for his father’s benefactor. He was searching for the grandmother of a girl who lived in Hakyung’s neighborhood when he was young, but the girl’s whole family had died a long time ago. He asked Hakyung to dress up as a woman and impersonate the dead girl in which Hakyung accepted the man’s offer because he needed the money. Hakyung, who grew just like the benefactor’s grandson, managed to deceive the man’s father, and everything seemed to be on track as planned. Until the man’s son appeared. 7 years later, Hakyung was working at a bar and heard a familiar name among his customers. He thinks it’s a common name and tries to get over it but then, he finally comes face to face with him.
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