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Manga Pupillary Master

Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss, Zhizun Tong Shushi: Jue Shi Da Xiaojie, 至尊瞳术师:绝世大小姐

Synopsis Pupillary Master

“Luo Qingtong, a young lady from the 24th century who ranked first among those with superpowers, miraculously transmigrated into a different world. There, she begins her journey of vengeance as the crippled, oldest daughter of a duke from the lower kingdoms, where villains line up to get face-slapped and scumbags and manipulative bitches wait to get tortured! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. She’ll exterminate anyone who offends her! All is going well… but then she accidentally gets involved with a man of peerless beauty, whom she attempts to flirt with whenever she’s unable to win against him in a fight. From there on, it becomes a story about their romantic pursuits…”
AuthorMo Yan
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