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Manga My Secret Roommate

은밀한 나의 동거인

Synopsis My Secret Roommate

Read My Secret Roommate manga free on muctau Sooha, who’d licked her lazily like a languid predator, tilted his head and tried to kiss her. Hyemin leaned her upper body back as much as possible. Sweat traveled down her spine. As he continued, sounds she heard outside made her nervous. They can’t get caught. Never, at least for the sake of her life’s peace and serenity! “A-At home.” She bit her lips and whispered seriously, as if trying to negotiate. At that, his languid eyes briefly lit up. “Home?” “Yeah! I’ll discharge you from the hospital. So at home…” “Let’s continue?” Irritated, she pushed his shoulder. But in the end, she couldn’t slip out. “No.” He, who kissed her glistening lips repeatedly, smirked and placed his body over hers again. “I don’t want to. I can’t wait, Honey.” Song Hyemin is a fourth-year resident at Songlim University Hospital, facing the worst crisis of her life thanks to A-list celebrity Lee Sooha, who suddenly visited her. My secretive and dizzying roommate story, as hazy as it is lovely.
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