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Manga Men of the Harem

Die Männer des Harems, Haremui Namjadeul, Le harem de l’impératrice, Los hombres de mi harén, Men in the Harem, Men's Harem, Гарем из мужчин, รังรักจักรพรรดินี, 女皇的后宫, 女皇的後宮們, 하렘의 남자들

Synopsis Men of the Harem

Scorned by her lover and thrown into power after the mysterious assassination of her father, Latil must marry to secure her sovereignty of Tarium. Instead of choosing one man to become her Royal Consort, she chooses five young men from all walks of life to join her Harem. Will Latil ever solve her father’s murder, and can she keep the peace in her Harem?
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