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Manga Isekai Shikkaku

Synopsis Isekai Shikkaku

a dull parody featuring a renowned verifiable essayist who might sincerely preferably pass on over experience an isekai dream. An experience in a different universe with charming young ladies close by and computer game like powers-seems like an anime fan's fantasy, isn't that so? Not so for melancholic creator Osamu Dazai, who might plainly really like to fall down and die. Computer games haven't even been developed at this point when he gets yanked into a different universe in 1948. Truly, all the fantastical experience he continues running into is simply impeding his idyllic fantasy about tracking down the ideal spot to pass on. Yet, regardless of the amount he takes a chance with his stow away, everything appears to continue to end up good overall. Follow a hopeless legend like no other in this merrily dreary isekai parody
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