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Manga Cooking Wizard

The Cooking Wizard / ์š”๋ฆฌํ•˜๋Š” ๋งˆ๋ฒ•์‚ฌ

Synopsis Cooking Wizard

Read Cooking Wizard manga โ€“ manhwa update free at Bibimanga.Com A food-loving tattooist, YooJung. After losing consciousness due to a sudden accident she opens her eyes to find herself possessing โ€˜Sylviaโ€™, a character from the novel she read. In addition, she happens to meet โ€˜Felixโ€™, the hero of the novel, who, due to the abuse of his stepmother, suffers from anorexia and will soon turn the continent into blood. In order to eat more delicious food, to cook more easily, Sylvia inscribes magic circles on to her body. The new magic circles that are born through her fingertips bring a new breeze to the continent where magic-beasts are rampant.
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