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Manga Black Lotus

He Said I Am Black Lotus, Anh Ấy Gọi Tôi Là Hắc Liên Hoa, Cruel Love, El Amor Cruel, Hắn Nói Tôi Là Hắc Liên Hoa, นายเขาบอกว่าฉันเป็นบัวดำ, すれ違いの果てに, 他说我是黑莲花

Synopsis Black Lotus

Heartless President x Gentle Pianist! After three years of wasted effort, all Wen Nian’nan got were cold eyes and a body filled with scars. While looking at the ring on his hand that represented a broken promise, he became embittered. “Gu Yansheng… You wish to let me go? Fine…” Wen Nian’nan rejected him with a sneer a few months later, when Gu Yansheng, shocked by the truth, brought his bodyguards to break open his door. How does one relieve the pain etched into the bone? How does one resolve an indefensible misunderstanding? Will the two be able to return to what they once were?
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