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Manga Around The Tiger

나비랑 호랑이 너희 말고

Synopsis Around The Tiger

Read Around The Tiger manga – manhwa update free at Bibimanga.Com Kyunghoon sees ghosts. Until he meets Naroo. Naroo’s as pretty as a girl, but he isn’t a girl or a guy—he’s a nine-tailed fox! And he needs yang energy to become human. They become roommates, but there’s a problem. Hanwool, a tiger spirit who works with Naroo guiding ghosts to the next world, is the jealous type. Naroo grows closer to his new friend Yunho. But when Yunho and Hanwool meet: “Huh? That smell… It’s the smell of a tiger in heat!!!” In this fantasy BL, Biting the Tiger’s minor characters star in their own story. What will happen next?
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