Anime Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue

Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue

Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue

Summary Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue

In the majestic fantasy world, how does the protagonist Fang Han traverse the world with his own strength. Relying on an unyielding stubbornness to break through the mysteries of supernatural powers, and forge the physical body into an immortal body. There are endless novel magic weapons, and the brand-new prosperity of the Three Realms of Immortals, Demons and Fans will be opened by the protagonist in turn. It will take you to experience the fantasy demeanor of the immortal sect, demons, gods, kings and emperors. The protagonist will also experience the love and hatred in the world, the entanglement of grievances and resentments, and the disputes between immortals and demons. Finally lead you on the road to the top king.





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Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue






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