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Yishi Zhi Zun

Yishi Zhi Zun

Summary Yishi Zhi Zun

Lin Yun, the sword slave of the Qingyun Sect in Tianshui Kingdom, after his rebirth, his aptitude with extremely poor comprehension became different. After a set of Tiger Fist, he directly broke through to the triple realm of martial arts that can become a disciple of an outside sect. However, even though he got rid of his identity as a sword slave and became an outer disciple, Lin Yun was still discriminated against by other disciples of the sect, all because of the unwritten rule of \one day a sword slave, a lifetime a sword slave\... The road to martial arts is full of hardships. How does Lin Yun constantly challenge himself, find opportunities for improvement, break the sect\'s grievances, rewrite the life of a sword slave, and step into the pinnacle of martial arts?





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Yishi Zhi Zun






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