Anime The Legend of The Taiyi Sword Immortal

The Legend of The Taiyi Sword Immortal

The Legend of The Taiyi Sword Immortal

Summary The Legend of The Taiyi Sword Immortal

In the land of Jiuzhou, the way of immortality thrived, and people took pride in entering the immortal sects. However, the boundaries between worlds began to crack, and otherworldly demons stealthily infiltrated the immortal sects of Jiuzhou. After infiltrating these sects, the otherworldly demons sought to gradually take control and overthrow the Jiuzhou continent. Sword Immortal Muxun and his friends tried to thwart the invasion of the demon race, but they fell into a trap and were mistaken for traitors by the sects. Muxun, in search of an opportunity, decided to conceal his presence and entrusted his son Dongfang Hao to his wife’s family for care. Dongfang Hao, who had imperial blood but hidden potential, was regarded as mediocre by his clan and subjected to bullying. Originally a descendant of Sword Immortals, his life took a tumultuous turn due to his father’s persecution by the demon race. In times of crisis, he persevered and embarked on the path to becoming an immortal. In the ancient secret realm of Taichu and the capital of King Zhaowu, Dongfang Hao showed his valor, saving friends in perilous situations. Simultaneously, he never forgot his quest to find his missing father. By taming dragons and competing for immortal essence, his cultivation continuously improved, and he was determined to reunite the immortal sects, expelling the demon race from the Jiuzhou continent.





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The Legend of The Taiyi Sword Immortal






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